Shenzhen iBeacon manufacture
Product Details:
Rechargable, without screen, could be iBeacon, Eddystone, Anti-lost Alarm
iBeacon:The device broadcast UUID, Major ID, Minor ID to 100 meters far away. Smartphone do response according to these ID info.
Eddystone:The device broadcast URL to Android Smartphone, Smartphone with Google Chrome Lacation and nearby function enabled will show a notification on the phone.
By default:
iBeacon:customer provide UUID, major ID, minor ID program as fixed paramters
Eddystone:customer provide URL program as fixed parameter
Optional: use app Joyway Beacon to set paramters by customer.program as configurable paramters.
bluetooth 4.0, iOS 8.0 and above.
Samsung S4/S5 and above, Xiaomi 2/3/4 and above, etc
iPhone 4S & later, iPad 4, iPad mini, iPod Touch, etc
Application : Super market, School, Farm, Hospital, park, Museum, Garden
Certification : CE, FCC, Rohs
OEM : Add you Logo, specific packing box, Software
Certification : CE, FCC, Rohs
OEM logo MOQ 100pcs
OEM Packing 3000pcs
OEM software: depend on the function
1.Using the rechargeable battery, charge one time can be used for 2 weeks.Battery can be charged for 500 times.
2.Support Both iBeacon & Eddystone mold in same price
3.Real-time battery measurement
4. Low battery alarm(When it is out of battery, the light will always fiash. The red light will be on when it be charged, full charged the light will not be on.)
5. Bluetooth low energy cost with Nordic nrf51822 chip.
6. CE, FCC, RoSH certification
7. customize color is available.
8.With key chain easy attached to bag and key ring.
9.Support customize your own iBeacon configuration including UUID(iBeacon), URL(Eddystone) etc.
UUID: any as the standard
Major ID: 0~65532
Minor ID: 0~65532
TX Power level: -30, -20, -16, -12,-8, -4, 0, 4
Broadcast interval: 20ms to 10.24s
URL: Any website
UID: Any
TX Power level: -30, -20, -16, -12,-8, -4, 0, 4
Broadcast interval: 20ms to 10.24s
1, Anti-lost alarm × 1
2, Rechargeable battery × 1
3. Charging Cable × 1
4, Product weigt: 21.5g (iBeacon + battery )
5, Product size :38(diameter)*12mm/pc (1.5*0.47in/pc)
6, Pieces/Ctn: 100
7, Ctn weight: 4kg
8, Ctn size: 36*28*24cm (14*11*9.4in)
9, Color : Black /pink /blue
10,HS code :8531100000
11, Configurable (optional)
12. Eddystone Beacon(optional)
what is ibeacon used for?
iBeacon is a small-scale network device that uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and acts as a transmitter to detect and track smartphones. The Apple iBeacon protocol can be used to give push notifications and location-based services that takes advantage of the way BLE allows wireless devices to connect without human intervention. iBeacon, which specifies how BLE connection requests should be sent, is compatible with iPhone 4S or later, iPad third generation or later, iPad mini and iPod Touch fifth generation or later. iBeacon is also available on Android devices.
Apple added the iBeacon feature in the iOS 7 update, along with a software development kit (SDK) for app developers.
Use cases
Practical applications for iBeacon include pushing marketing promotions to shoppers as they move through a mall, providing notifications about flight delays to travelers who are waiting to board an airplane and displaying details about a work of art as museum visitors enter an exhibition hall.
How iBeacon works
The beacon’s job is to continuously scan for smartphones and tablets that have Bluetooth open and are running the beacon"s compatible mobile app. When such a device comes within range, the beacon sends a connection request to wake up the app. The format of the request provides the app with the information it needs to push highly targeted information to the device in real time, even if the device is locked. Should the device’s owner not want to receive push notifications, they can close the app, uninstall the app or turn Bluetooth off.
Any hardware device that supports Bluetooth 4.0 can, in theory, become a beacon in an iBeacon network. The iBeacon transmitter is normally placed in one fixed location and sends out data packets to the receivers – smartphones within the transmitter’s radius. Typically used for advertising purposes, the iBeacon transmitter will broadcast information such as:
The universal unique identifier (UUID)- Which tells the corresponding smartphone user the name of the user or business using iBeacon.
The Major- Which contains the beacon’s location.
The Minor- Which includes a more exact location of the beacon.
Tx Power- Which specifies the strength of the signal.
Advantages and disadvantages
iBeacon has many benefits that make it seem like it would be a very successful technology and some considerable disadvantages which play into a decline in popularity. Advantages of iBeacon include:
Improved customer experience as it can help customers navigate around physical stores easier.
Increased sales due to more exposure in notifying potential customers of products on sale.
Can increase brand loyalty through having your customers download an app that uses iBeacon.
Is inexpensive to implement and scale.
Can help an organization in gathering customer metrics.
Disadvantages include:
There are privacy concerns as some organizations may not be upfront in the metrics they collect, and iBeacon was changed from being an opt-in to an opt-out technology.
iBeacon can obtain information on a user’s location.
Third parties can be allowed to send messages to a user’s device, increasing the chance of a user deleting an iBeacon supported app if they get spam notifications.
Bluetooth has a limited range.
Bluetooth signals can be further blocked by multiple walls or other obstructions.
Not many end-users have heard of beacons in general.
Upon development and initial use, iBeacon was thought to grow exponentially in retailing; however, over the years, the use of iBeacon has declined significantly. This is mostly due to the disadvantages listed above. Namely, not many consumers knew about the technology, and those who did were concerned with privacy.
Q: Where is your factory located? How can I visit you?
A. Our factory locates in Shenzhen city, Guangdong province, China.
You can fly to Shenzhen/Hongkong/Guangzhou International Air Port, and we will pick you up.
Welcome to visit us!
Q: Can I get samples?
A: We are honored to offer you samples if you pay the sample charge. The all charge will refund to you once the cargo order confirmed.
Q: Can your company do OEM or ODM?
A: Yes